Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello to all of you who read this blog. This year has been quite exciting for our Finnsheep. We have finally begun to see some of the colors and marking patterns that we have been striving for! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

This is Lighthouse Splash a Quint who has a matching mark on his off side. I do think that this lamb also may have carried brown as the one foot and his nose area
showed and stayed brown. He has been sold.

This little fella is called Rusty. His face and ears are rust colored and he has rust spots on his legs. These marks have stayed. His body looks like someone dumped white and tan paint all over him. I am waiting to see if the tan color is going to fade or if it will stay.

He is a Quad ram lamb out of a white ewe who carried brown. His sire was also white and carried a lot of brown. Both carried pied marking pattern.

This lamb is wide front to back, well made with a very soft, tight curl in his fleece. He may stay here as a back up ram. We will see what the color does.

Well here are two lambs I was excited about!!!

The black and white pied ewe lamb was sold the day this picture was taken. She had a very fine fleece and was awesomely soft to handle. Her body build was excellent. She was curious as all get out and was trying to figure out what I was doing sitting on the ground. She turned and came over to see. The visitor with me took her home.

This grayish white ewe lamb is here for awhile...if she stays gray, she will remain. Her fleece is different than her sister's. Her curls are not as tight and she has more "baby fuzz" and I have no clue what color she is going to become. Her face and ears as well as all under parts are gray. Her leg skin is pink but her body skin color is grayish pink.

Her sire is white and carries black, white, gr
ay, brown, solid and pied. Her dam carries white black, gray, solid, pied and HST. I am kinda betting and hoping for gray! Any ideas anyone???

This lamb is black HST. HST is the most comm
on marking here at Lighthouse. She is out of a black HST ewe who was bred to a black HST ram. I do not expect her to lighten up. Her fleece is soft and slightly loose. Very low britch. Excellent body. This lamb is now sold.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about a few of the Finnsheep lambs and their colors and markings.

In the next blog, I hope to share with you photos of a few gray Finnsheep here.

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