Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well winter came with a blast this year. Snow came to stay early. It was not exceedingly cold at first but the Great Lakes have not yet frozen over here at the end of January.

We got a week of nice weather that spoiled us and got us thinking of early spring, melted all this snow into ice about four inches thick and then WHAM!

The final days of January have been "Nasty Cold!!!"

To make life interesting here on the farm, instead of being inside snuggled up with my husband and son watching a movie, knitting, reading a good book or playing games together, I am on "LAMB PATROL"... Yep, you got it... we knew the possibility existed since the Dorset Ram-bo did NOT stay inside the ram pasture when he was supposed to, but the proof being in the pudding, when we noticed ewes "bagging up" we brought them into the "Red Shed" for the cold spell... we had our first lamb born on January 29th... and another on January 30th and another on January 31st... so for now, no matter how cold or how tired, we get up and check on the ewes.

Pictures will be coming... just not tonight.

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