Friday, July 22, 2011

Usva 1356 was born black and "soft fuzzy". By his seventh day he was showing the gray coloring and the baby fuzz was starting to come out. By day 30 we knew for certain that he was going to be an awesome color of gray and this picture was taken at weaning day 60.

Usva's dam, Star 901 is a medium gray with a slightly "crispier" but more relaxed fleece. The dam of Star is Hatton's Faith 193 who was a "grayish" black but has given me three different colors of gray lambs. The sire of Star is Hatton's Tucker 208 who is also "grayish" black but a lighter shade. Tucker's fleece is short and very tight pin-curls. This ewe/ram combination has given me three different shades of gray... from fog to pussy willow gray to pewter...but definitely gray.

Usva's sire is Lemuel 920 a white ram with brown spots on his belly, legs and scrotum. He had brown inside his ears, around his eyes and his skin and tongue were brownish pink. I believe he was brown. He definitely carried and throws spotted lambs. The dam of Lemuel was Witt's Charity, a white ewe who carries white, black, gray, solid and pied. The sire of Lemuel was Wee Croft's Short Tale, a white ram who was 75 % brown AI genetics who gave me lambs that were black, white, brown, and pied.

His dam Star 901, his grandam Hatton's Faith 193, and his sister Aamu 1355 who is black with a hint of graying will be bred to Jimmy R Cook our new Gray Badger ram.

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