Sunday, January 31, 2010

To those of you who know my husband, you will get a "kick" out of this story!

One day while Will (12 year old son) and I were going to get hay for the sheep we arrived while the man was doing chores in his barn. There were several cats who Will was immediately interested in...he petted and made a big do over them.

The man said that they had just recently had one dropped off at the farm that was not being integrated into the rest of the farm cats and had obviously been a house cat...we were of course "welcome to take her home." Will went looking for her but did not find her and I had to tell him "No, you know your Dad and cats." (As many of you also know...)

Will found her the next day when we went back to get more hay. She followed him all over the place.... and we watched as she tried to get in and get some food. Each time she would get even a tad close to the dish the other cats would chase her away... they had plenty of course but were not willing to share.

She was very small... I figured about 2 lbs. and about 6 - 6.5 weeks old. I felt really bad, but again I had to tell William "No, you know we can not; and you know why."

As we were unloading hay with my husband, William told his Dad we had met a cat and she was beautiful and smoke colored. A female, very small and quiet. He changed the subject and left it alone.

Herb (Dad) of course knows that Will is a "Cat Person" and asked me more about the cat later. I explained the situation and what I had answered both the man and Will.

The next day Herb said that I should get the cat because when we move to the new farm the chances were great the house (having been empty) would have mice and such... and because with colder weather coming here the mice had decided to move inside...

So the cat came home. She was named Smokey.

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