Friday, January 9, 2009

Sheep in Winter, Tale on the Farm

Winter has come at last. The earth is silent as the snow begins to cover the barren ground and branches of all the trees in the woods.

Winter wind howls and the coyotes on the hill respond as the move silently in the silence of the night.

In the pastures nearby the sheep are moving down to the barn for their evening meal. Gently the step over the ice left behind by the just past storm. Now snow is slowly falling on top of that.

The sound of the barn door opening and the clang of the feed barrel's lid and the sheep begin to move faster and faster until they are sprinting over the fields all converging at the now well lighted barn.

Yelling for food, pushing and shoving in their excitement, they wait.

Ah! There it is, now we are let in to enjoy.

While they are eating hay is placed into the wall rack feeders for them to munch after they finish with their grain. All is well in their world.

All is well in their shepherds world as well. While the storm rages on outside, they sit and watch in peace within the shelter of the storm with their sheep. They know them all by name and each has their own personality. Some come for a few minutes special time with their shepherd. Some tail wagging, some head lifted for a chin scratch, some just a few minutes of leaning on their shepherd.

All is at peace within reguardless of the storm.

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