Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Usva - Finnsheep Gray Ram

This is a current photo of Usva. He is our Gray Finnsheep ram lamb from this year. This photo was taken in August and he was born in April.

His fleece crimp is as incredible as his color!!! He now belongs to Deb Hilliard of The Meadows Gate Finnsheep in Andover, NY as a herd sire. She is a long-time hand-spinner with a small flock of Finnsheep.

A white ewe from my flock of Finnsheep went with him to his new home. She is also of splendid fleece and her owner "can hardly wait to get her hands into their first fleece to begin spinning!"

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Gail V said...

What a pretty color, Mary, and his fleece looks yummy soft...