Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We have been so blessed this year.

Lena turned 1 year old this year. She is a joy and a delight to our hearts.

Aiden was born this summer and is growing well... healthy and a delight.

Eleanora is now born, healthy, whole and home with her mom and dad. What Joy!

Gabriel is born this day! Healthy and whole. His mom and dad rejoice in him as do we all!

Heather and Jami are both due... we await with hearts aflutter to hear good news!

Dominique is due near to December beginning.

This year, the family has increased exceedingly, and the family has enlarged it's territories... Andrea in Florida, Tracie in Colorado, Larissa and Dominique in Kentucky, the rest of us in various parts of New York. May each of your family grow in favor and grace wherever you walk.

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