Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This winter was the most unusual winter I have ever known here in New York state.  It never froze, just rained...and rained...and rained.  Seldom any sunshine.  It is easy, as my friend Deb says, to become depressed during spells of such weather.  

I confess, I did miss the snow and I hated the mud.  It made farm life much harder as the trucks and other lifting and moving vehicles became stuck...even the wheelbarrow became stuck.  From then on, moving hay or grain became much harder to accomplish.  All had to be done by hand carrying...

This is where I will tell you I am blessed.  My son is now 14+ and as tall as me, widening and strengthening his body over the winter month, he began to carry more than his share of the farm work.  When I became sick, he did all of his portion of chores as well as my own.  When I tore a muscle in my arm, again he became the one who did it all.  Invaluable he became, and I told him many times he is my Blessing.

Then finally spring signs began to show up...little things at first, but each day we looked for any and all we could locate!!!!  The ewes have all become fatter and sassier as they call for us to "Come and Feed me MORE!"

February 18th, dawned a clear but cold morning.  My son went to the barn to do the morning check while I made breakfast.  He came running inside telling me to "Come Quick, there are lambs in the barn!"  My response  "What...Who?"  He told me that Betty had two lambs and they were still wet.   "Where did they come from... Neverland!??"  My son reminded me that one ewe had gone through the gate into the ram pasture and had been bred by Jimmy Cook, our Gray Badger Finnsheep ram.  Wow, Thankfully, they are all register-able lambs.

So it was, that Peter Pan and Tinkerbell arrived.  Peter Pan is solid black ram with the most amazing fleece I have ever produced here at the farm.  He also has a fabulous body build.  Tinkerbell was born black, jet black, but she has a gray nose and inside of her ear.  She will become gray.  She has black face and "hip boots", but is not Badger marked.  Their dam is Betty, a Black HST (Head, Sock and Tail have white) Finnsheep ewe, is the only daughter of my oldest ewe, Ursula.  I will place pictures up here for viewing when the weather allows.



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